Recreation Products:
Site Furniture, Shelters, and Benches

From park amentities such as shelters and park benches to stadium bleachers and grandstands… and from Accessible ADA Picnic tables, to child tables and benches, Clearwater Recreation can help your neighborhood or community plan, design, and install the outdoor recreation equipment or furniture that best fits your needs.

Commercial Grade and Green Materials

Our suppliers carry many sizes, colors, and styles, made from a variety of materials: from steel to aluminum, from wood to recycled plastic. Some have cast iron and brass fittings. Many product lines include “green” building materials that conform to LEED standards. Whether you need a permanent structure or something more portable, our suppliers offer high quality products made to last in outdoor settings.

Clearwater Recreation Bleachers and Bench pictures

UltraPlay Bleachers and UltraPlay Recycled Plastic Bench

“Aztec” Hexagonal Shelter by Americana


Suppliers of Site Furniture,
Shelters, and Benches

See our favored supplier's sites:
Americana Building Products
(Park and Recreational Shelters & Walkways)
(Park Benches)
Ultra Play Systems
(Benches, Receptacles, Picnic Tables)
GT Grandstands
(Grandstand & Bleacher Seating)

Clearwater Recreation playground pictures

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Clearwater Recreation picture of Americana Shelter